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Covenants / Restrictions

Our current Association Homeowner dues are $191 per lot, annually and are due by March 31 of each year. Dues are increasing to $200 per lot starting in 2023.

The Restrictive Covenants were created by a volunteer committee of lot owners that was formed to represent the views and concerns expressed by all lot owners at the time. These covenants were approved via signature by owners representing at least 75% of the lots, and they became law on March 15, 2001 when they were filed with the county by the current LCE Board President. The official legal document is on file with the Williamson County Register of Deeds office as Record 407204 in Book 2133, pages 909-914.

Click here for our LCE HOA Community Overview, Board Approvals and Amendment information, which includes information since 1987. The document is not yet complete and will be updated periodically, and thus it is marked as a "DRAFT DOCUMENT".

The covenants were introduced to provide guidance and support for two primary goals within our community:

1 - To preserve the quality of our beautiful homes and surroundings by establishing a common set of standards for all properties.

2 - To maintain the value of our properties and the community as a whole by ensuring compliance with these standards.

Please use the links below to learn more about our covenants and discover the standards that each lot must adhere to in order for our community to achieve our goals.
View Covenants Summary - Abbreviated quick reference guide
View Covenants Detail - Full text from the official legal document

NOTICE: The information presented on this website is intended to serve as a convenient reference source only and it is not legally binding or official in any way whatsoever. This website may not be updated on a timely basis and it may not contain a fully accurate or legal depiction of the official Restrictive Covenants document that is on file with the Williamson County Register of Deeds office. Visitors to this website are advised to review and reference the official legal document for all formal business purposes.