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Lake Colonial Estates - A Beautiful Place to Live!Proposed
From LCE Board of Directors To: LCE HOA Homeowners Our annual meeting is on 13 August at 10:00 a.m. at the Lake. We encourage as many homeowners to attend as possible to vote on five different initiatives. After receiving feedback from homeowners during initial canvasing, it was determined that five separate initiatives should be explored and voted on. These initiatives are: lake recreation use, outbuilding size, working from home, a chicken ordinance and Board of Directors liability. Last spring, as a board, we determined that the best approach to obtaining input from homeowners was to canvas door-to-door to obtain feedback for each of the initiatives. The intent behind this approach was threefold, 1) to make it easier for homeowners to participate, 2) to ensure each homeowner could provide feedback and vote on lake usage if they chose to and 3) to be good stewards of HOA resources by not spending money to formalize an initiative that homeowners are not interested in. Ultimately, each board member was assigned multiple addresses in the neighborhood, and, on the last weekend of March, we started canvasing. As you can imagine, the process was time consuming, and, unfortunately, we have struggled to contact every homeowner in the HOA. Despite the challenges, during the canvasing the board received a tremendous amount of input regarding each of the initiatives. Reacting to the issues and concerns brought up by homeowners throughout the process, the board has tried to incorporate as many of the concerns as possible in order to complete a final vote during the annual meeting. Specific to expanded lake usage, based on early feedback from a number of homeowners, the board determined that expanded use of the lake was highly desired. Reacting to this feedback, a proposal was drafted and during canvasing was presented to homeowners. At that time, if a homeowner wanted to vote on expanded lake usage, they could formally provide a vote. As noted previously, the process was time consuming as it took many attempts to contact homeowners. Additionally, the lake usage language evolved to incorporate many of the safeguards that are necessary to govern the use of the lake. Therefore, to ensure each homeowner has had an opportunity to see the final lake use proposal, we are attaching the final language document and will complete a vote for whoever has not had an opportunity to see the final language during the annual meeting. As a board, we pride ourselves in open communication and work hard to address the issues and concerns of every homeowner in the neighborhood. We recognize, that although well intended, the process we followed to obtain feedback for these initiatives led to some confusion. That said, the annual meeting provides everyone an opportunity to address each of these initiatives after viewing the final language. Further, despite any previous confusion, we do feel an obligation to bring these initiatives to a vote. Please find the language we are voting on in the two documents attached. Keep in mind the final language is a result of homeowner input and has been vetted by a retained attorney. We have attempted to address as many of the concerns as possible without nullifying the original intent of the initiative. If you are unable to attend in person, and do not wish to utilize a proxy, you may vote by signing the attached documents and returning to a board member. Finally, we would also like to take this opportunity to announce that four of our board members two-year terms have elapsed, and their seats are vacant to be filled as of this meeting. The President, Secretary, Restrictions and Covenants and Common Grounds positions are immediately available. Please consider volunteering as Todd, Ric, Kenneth and Josh have more than fulfilled their responsibility to our beautiful neighborhood. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you all at this year’s annual meeting. Sincerely, Todd, Ric, Josh, Kenneth, and Mike