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Covenants Summary

NOTE:  The Board may amend the Restrictive Covenants as necessary to maintain the safety of our lake and dam, at any time.  As such, no motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed along or near the dam, other than those required by mowing / maintenance. Signs are posted.

Section 1 - Residences / Outbuildings
¨ Lots restricted to single-family residential usage only
¨ Residents not allowed to live in trailers, basements, tents, shacks, garages, barns, or other outbuildings
¨ Outbuildings not permitted
- Exception: 1 barn or shed will be allowed if not > 600 sq. ft. x 18 ft. high (must be approved in advance by the LCE Board)

Section 2 – Subdividing
¨ Lots may not be subdivided unless approved by Williamson County Planning Commission
¨ Lots limited to one residential building each

Section 3 – Builders
¨ Builders permitted to erect temporary offices for new construction and sales

Section 4 – Animals
¨ No animals allowed except for dogs, cats, and other household pets
- Exception: 2 horses or ponies allowed per lot if not used for commercial purposes
- Exception: lot owners with multiple horses prior to February 1, 2001 may keep those animals but may not obtain additional animals, this exception will no longer apply once they drop to only 1 horse for 30 days or more
¨ Pets must comply with local ordinances and be confined to owner’s property

Section 5 – Signs / Property Usage
¨ No signs, billboards, or unsightly objects allowed except 1 “For Rent” or “For Sale” sign if not > 5 sq. ft.
¨ No property use allowed that would endanger health or disturb other residents
¨ No business activities of any kind except for official LCE Association activity

Section 6 – Exterior Items / Trash
¨ Clotheslines, equipment, garbage cans, service yards, woodpiles, and storage piles must not be visible from neighboring lots and streets, may be concealed with approved plants or fences
¨ Rubbish and trash must be removed regularly

Section 7 – Discrimination
¨ Discrimination prohibited for or against other owners

Section 8 – Lot Maintenance (Grass, Landscaping, etc.)
¨ Owners must maintain their lots
¨ LCE Board determines when lots are not properly maintained
¨ LCE Board may initiate maintenance for non-compliance, owners will be billed for this service and if bills are not paid then a lien may be placed against lots involved

Section 9 – Disturbances
¨ Noxious or offensive activities prohibited
¨ Activities that may be a nuisance or unreasonable annoyance to other owners prohibited

Section 10 – Construction Materials
¨ Exterior construction limited to brick, stone or logs

Section 11 – Setback Lines
¨ Buildings must be placed a minimum distance from front of lots as shown by setback line on each plat
- Exception: open porches, bay windows, steps, or terraces may extend in front of setback lines if the remaining portion of the structure is in compliance
¨ All other lines shall conform to Williamson County Planning Commission zoning regulations

Section 12 – Utility Easements
¨ Perpetual easements are included on plans to allow for construction and maintenance of utilities such as electricity, gas, water, drainage, etc.
¨ No structures may be built on or over these easements

Section 13 – Sewage
¨ Septic tanks and disposal fields are required and must be approved by the Williamson County Health Department
¨ Owners must connect to permanent sewer lines when they become available

Section 14 – Driveways
¨ Driveways, culverts, gradings, or other structures must be constructed and placed in compliance with Williamson County road standards and may not interfere with public LCE roads
¨ Driveway culverts must have stone, brick or poured concrete headwalls

Section 15 – Fences
¨ Fences must be made of (A) painted plank, (B) split rail, (C) pole rail, (D) wire fence, (E) hedge or (F) shrub material
¨ Fences must be no higher than the following:
- A, B, C, or D <= 48 inches

-(A) shall be allowed to a height of 72 inches for public safety or privacy purposes when enclosing a swimming pool.

- E or F <= 36 inches
¨ Fences made of D are only permitted from rear line of residence back along the lot sides and across the rear
¨ Owners must get written approval from the LCE Board for the material, location and construction prior to building any fence

Section 16 – Garages / Carports
¨ Garages and carports must be attached to residence and must open toward the side or back of the lots
¨ All new houses must have at least a two-car garage or carport

Section 17 – Construction Terms
¨ Construction materials are not allowed on lots for more than 90 days
¨ Construction projects must be less than 9 months long

Section 18 – Construction Plans
¨ Construction plans must be approved in writing by the LCE Board in advance
¨ Residence plans must have the following minimum living areas:
- 1 floor with garage or carport – 1800 sq. ft.
- 1 floor with garage in basement or rooms over garage – 1800 sq. ft.
- 2 floor – 2400 sq. ft.

Section 19 – Foundations
¨ All buildings must have masonry foundations
¨ Block, concrete, or plastered foundations must be covered and not exposed above grade level
- Exception: some aggregate may be embedded in stucco

Section 20 – Landscaping
¨ Landscaping and planting of shrubbery must be completed within 90 days after occupancy

Section 21 – Mailboxes
¨ Mailboxes must be in good repair and appearance

Section 22 – Gardens
¨ Gardens, plants, and vines are permitted in backyards only
¨ Stakes and other garden items must be removed by December 15 each year
¨ Vacant lots may not have gardens
- Exception: if the owner also owns the adjoining lot a garden will be permitted if it is kept against the rear and at least 25 ft. from the sides of the lot

Section 23 – Vehicles / Trailers
¨ Regarding vehicles, mobile homes, motor homes, recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, campers, and machinery:
- Construction and repair are prohibited unless done inside of a house, basement, garage, or outbuilding
- Only operating family automobiles may be stored outside
- All other outside storage is prohibited even if temporary

Section 24 – Owner Enforcement
¨ All owners have the right to enforce the Restrictive Covenants, which includes the right to take legal action in order to gain compliance and/or seek damages if desired

Section 25 – Covenant Persistence
¨ If any court voids a portion of these Restrictive Covenants, the remaining portion will continue to be in-effect

Section 26 – Old Homes
¨ Old homes may not be delivered to or placed on lots

Section 27 – Overhead Easements
¨ Overhead easements are included on plans to allow for overhead wires and cable from public utilities such as electric, telephone, telegraph, etc.

Section 28 – Drainage Easements
¨ Drainage easements are included on plans to allow for construction, maintaining, opening or widening storm drains, and open ditches

Section 29 – Roadway Easements
¨ Owners and developers may use additional easements that extend 10 ft. onto each adjoining lot to construct streets, roads, alleys, other public ways, or bank slopes that are erected in accordance with local laws
¨ Owners do not have the right to file claim for damages against anyone due to the grade or elevation of any road, street, alley, or public way that may be constructed within the limits of this easement

Section 30 – Swimming Pools
¨ In-ground swimming pools are permitted if they do not interfere with septic tanks or disposal fields
¨ Bathhouses and recreation rooms will be permitted to be attached to swimming pools

Section 31 – Boats
¨ No boats will be allowed in the lake
- Exception: boats may be used for official LCE business such as maintenance and cleaning

Section 32 – Enforcement
¨ All owners and the LCE Board have the right to enforce the Restrictive Covenants, conditions, reservations, liens, and charges by taking legal action
¨ If specific owners or the LCE Board fail to enforce any covenant or restriction, this will not waive their right to do so in the future

Section 33 – Severability
¨ If any court voids a portion of these Restrictive Covenants by judgment or court order, the remaining portion will continue to be in-effect

Section 34 – Covenant Renewal / Amendment
¨ The Restrictive Covenants are legally valid for 20 years from the date they were recorded and they will automatically be extended for successive 10-year periods
¨ The Restrictive Covenants may be amended during the 10 year period if a document is signed by owners representing at least 60% of the lots
¨ The Restrictive Covenants may be amended after the 10 year period if a document is signed by owners representing at least 75% of the lots
¨ All amendments must be properly filed and recorded

NOTICE: The information presented on this website is intended to serve as a convenient reference source only and it is not legally binding or official in any way whatsoever. This website may not be updated on a timely basis and it may not contain a fully accurate or legal depiction of the official Restrictive Covenants document that is on file with the Williamson County Register of Deeds office. Visitors to this website are advised to review and reference the official legal document for all formal business purposes.